Why would Mike give the German engineers his real name? When the head German engineer and Mike are talking in S4E7, the engineer tells him the meaning of 'Ehrmantraut' - This seems sloppy after all the trouble they go through to hide the location of the facility. Are they planning to kill them all anyways?

  • "Are they planning to kill them all anyways?" - I'm doubtful that is what Mike was thinking, but I wouldn't put it past Gus. It is possible that this could be hint of a potential future plot, where maybe Mike was wrong to trust him and Gus has to take care of it for him, but until we get past the engineers plot, I thing Bill Hileman's answer is a good one! – Darth Locke Sep 22 '18 at 1:49

I have a few possible theories:

1) Mike trusts the head guy. I don't know that any of the other workers overheard Mike's real full name being used, but I could be wrong.

2) Finding someone only by their name, even an uncommon name, is no easy thing. It's not like he shared his social security number, and I doubt in this world you'd be able to type Mike Ehrmantraut into google and find a hit that's our Mike. If you did, it might be his listed employer, and good luck finding him that way.

3) Mike has Gus to back him up. I'm sure the guys hired here are aware of the monumental amount of wealth and therefore power that Mike's boss must have.

4) Mike's a former cop, I dont think much scares him. Especially if he can stand up to Fring.

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  • To add to your list: Mike's shown to be lost and without a cause since the death of his son. As we discover in BB, his only driving force is his granddaughter, for whom he's saving up money (very similar to Walt, minus the egomania). It's possible that Mike has stopped caring about staying safe; as he feels he's got little left to live for (other than his granddaughter). That's somewhat confirmed by his peaceful response to imminent death (in BB). – Flater Sep 24 '18 at 9:41

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