Why did the band Van Halen deny the request to use their music in Back to the Future while Edward Van Halen secretly recorded music for the movie?

From USA Today (emphasis mine):

...the cassette he used was labeled “Edward Van Halen” as opposed to the band’s actual name, Van Halen. Turns out the band denied the filmmakers’ request to use their music, but Eddie Van Halen agreed to perform a few licks on his own...

The band was just four members of which Eddie was the most prominent so it makes no sense that the band would say no while Eddie said Yes. I would think Eddie's brother Alex would have gone along with him.

Did David Lee Roth object? Or was it Warner Bros. who actually refused to allow their music to be used?

Tape of Edward Van Halen

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    The band members don't always agree and their relationship has not gotten any better. – Paulie_D Sep 19 '18 at 18:58

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