At the end of the movie Blackmail (2018) who will police catch for the murder of Prabha- Dev or Ranjit? Or it will be Anand who will be made guilty?

  • Not sure why this is opinion-based unless this is ambiguous in the movie and I see no evidence of that from my reading. – Paulie_D Sep 13 at 10:36
  • Wikipedia "Meanwhile, Dolly's parents find out that Ranjit murdered their daughter and lock him up in a bathroom and call the police." – Paulie_D Sep 13 at 10:37
  • @Vishwa Have you watched the movie at all? Or left before it ended? In the end, Ranjit will be charged for the murder of Anand as well as for Dolly. But nothing was hinted regarding who will police find guilty of Prabha's murder since she died in an accident, Anand was the prime suspect at first for her murder and then Police comes to Dev suspecting him telling him they will come with an arrest warrant in few days. In the end, the movie doesn't show whether Dev will be absconding or he was able to remove Police's suspicion on him for the murder. So have you watched the movie or not? – Abhinav Kumar Sep 14 at 6:56
  • @AbhinavKumar Hi, No. Have no idea about the movie at all. I never said that I watched the movie, but that we cannot answer questions like who will police catch. I'm no expert in hindi/tamil movies in India, but my speculation remains. If there was no official statement on police's judgement, then we can't provide you a correct one. Unless there'll be a sequel or something, we cannot tell – Vishwa Sep 14 at 7:03
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    If it's ambiguous in the movie then this question cannot be answered without opinions and as such it's off-topic. – Paulie_D Sep 14 at 7:36

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