Serving as as a transitional technique, sound effects / visual effect from the upcoming movie scene will play before its scene is presented.

For example, in this video clip below, around 0:08, sink hole becomes a turning wheel.

One Last Dance

Second example:

  • Two men are having a conversation in a room and when the camera still focuses in this room but sound effect of a steam train starting starts to play; a few seconds later, the camera switches to a train platform.

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This is usually referred to as a J-cut. It's called this because when viewing the clips in an editing application, the audio of the incoming clip sticks out in front of the video, and makes a shape similar to the letter "J". It's also sometimes referred to as an audio lead or audio advance.

Likewise, there exists an L-cut where the audio from a scene lingers after the video has switched to a new scene.

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