In Mr. Robot S2 Episode 7, at the end, Elliot tells don't be too mad and he is in prison. He acknowledges basketball game, church, his friend all are inside the prison.

Does it mean Ray and his site are also illusions? If so, what about him informing the FBI about Ray's dark site? Then, for what reason is he in prison?

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    Sep 3 '18 at 20:09

No, Ray and his site are not an illusion. Ray is the jail warden where Elliot has been imprisoned. Elliot is in prison for stealing Lenny's dog. Lenny is Krista's ex-boyfriend. The police comes to arrest Elliot in Season 2 Episode 9.

The knock on Elliot's door was the police to arrest him for hacking Lenny, Krista's ex, and stealing his dog. He pleads guilty; he's in jail the next day with Ray as warden, establishing his illusion. Even though his sentence is for 18 months, he's released 86 days later due to cost control measures.


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