In the movie Holding the Man, near the end Tim sees the note "John was beside you."

What was this note? Who really gave it and what does it mean?


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Going by the plot summary on Wikipedia, it's a callback to the start of the movie:

In 1993, Timothy Conigrave (Ryan Corr) is in Lipari, Italy, and he calls his childhood friend Pepe Trevor (Sarah Snook) on a payphone in a panic, asking her where his deceased partner John Caleo (Craig Stott) was sitting at a dinner party they had together when they were teenagers. The time expires before Pepe can tell him. Later, a concierge at the hotel Tim is staying at passes on a message from Pepe to Tim.

At the end of the film:

The film returns to the beginning, and Pepe phones Tim's hotel. We see the note from earlier says "John was beside you."

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