The voice of the "trickster demon" Khalaid or (Calade or how ever [kɑlɘid] is spelled) reminds me of one of the main guys from Picnicface, particularly as the Genie in "Gun Genie":

IMDB doesn't list that character, as don't the episode credits: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8542252/reference

Does anybody know who voiced that character or how to find that information?

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Upon my research, I looked up who the actor from Picnicface is, and... Sure enough, he (Mark Little) is the voice of "Gary", the main character of Gary and his Demons:


...and I guess it's fair to say that, although not credited, he and/or other cast members will probably voice other characters on the show, and it's therefore highly likely that it is really him giving the Trickster Demon his voice

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