In Sorry to Bother You (2018), whenever anyone is talking to the other black power caller (below),

enter image description here

his name is always censored. Looking in the movie's IMDB, the character is credited as "Mr.___" . Does anyone know the purpose or meaning of this? Any interviews with the writers where this is discussed?

  • It’s not explained in the movie. I though it might be that this character has a name, or nickname, that can not be articulated in “white voice”, and so must be bleeped by the powercallers, who must speak in white voice all the time. Commented Dec 21, 2018 at 14:51

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E! Online has a quote from costume designer Deirdra Govan :

Mr. Blank's finalized look, which includes a bowler hat and eye patch, was a combination of how Boots and Deirdra saw the character. Boots wanted to use a leather shop in Oakland for the patch and Deirdra pushed for the hat.

"Mr. Blank was a really interesting character, in that he has no backstory," the costume director shared. "He's just a man that appears. For me, having studying art history and understanding surrealism, the film itself is very surreal. I took that straight to the place in Renee Magritte. You have a man that has no clear name. Even though we see his face, he's still a man without an identity."

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