During the scenes in Incredibles 2 where Bob is looking after Jack-Jack he is surprised to discover that the toddler has powers and, later, Helen is also surprised to discover he has powers.

But Jack-Jack's powers were very much demonstrated in the final scenes of the original Incredibles when Jack-Jack thwarts Syndrome's attempt to kidnap him by using some of them. We know he has powers and the family were watching while he used them.

How come Jack-Jack's powers come as a surprise to the family?

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    See this pretty full answer on SF&F - scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/191284/…
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  • Actually, look closer, they're asking 2 different things. That Q asked why they're surprised their offspring would have powers. This one is about continuity and asks why they're suprised if they already saw he has powers in the first movie.
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They couldn't see what was going on when Syndrome kidnapped Jack Jack.

Jack Jack starts displaying his powers when he and Syndrome are waaay up in the air. Here's the family's POV:

enter image description here

Those two blue specks there are Syndrome's jet boots. It's barely a dot to them. So they can see something might be happening to them both up there, but not what:

Helen: Something's happening. What's happening?

A few other factors contribute to them missing Jack Jack's transformations:

  • It's dusk, so visibility is a bit poor;
  • They're directly under Syndrome and Jack Jack, so it's possible they're mainly seeing feet;
  • They're in a state of panic and their first priority right now is "our baby is being kidnapped". For all they know, whatever weird things are happening up there are because Syndrome is doing something to Jack Jack.

Bob then launches Helen towards Jack Jack, but only after Jack Jack starts falling and is no longer transforming.

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