At the end of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011) we can see in Syrena (mermaid) and Philip having the below conversation:

Syrena: You're hurt.

Philip: Body, only. My mind is at peace - Cause of you.

Syrena: Me?

Philip: Yes. I was lost, the wind. The tides...They truly knew man's fate. For me, only you.

Syrena: Philip, I can save you. You need only ask.

Philip: I seek but one thing.

Syrena: What is that?

Philip: Forgiveness. If not for me you would never have been captured.

Syrena: Ask!

Philip: Forgive me.

After that Syrena kissed Philip and took him under water.

Why did she take Philip under water? Can Syrena save Philip under water?

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Can Syrena save Philip under water?

Yes, she can sort of save Phillip underwater.

When they start calling mermaids, Derrick says

I heard it said that the kiss from a mermaid can save a sailor from drowning.


Though, this is never explained in the movie, but it's a legend popular among sailors that a mermaid kiss can save sailor from drowning as told by Derrick. If you remember, Syrena kissed Phillip before taking him underwater.

why did Syrena take Philip Under water?

When Syrena asks him to just ask again, she probably meant that she forgave him and wants to be with him.

From this SFF answer,

I thought this meant that she wanted to do more than simply forgive him. That she wanted to save him and be with him. In some stories mermaids can grant the ability to breathe and thus live under water too. So I thought she took him into the sea to be with him happily ever after. Because she did not seem sad when she took him down.

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