In the movie Predator 2 (1990) there is a scene where detectives Cantrell and Lambert take the subway train. The Predator is on the roof of the train & scans train with his infra-red vision and sees who has guns

The Predator attacks & kills them all including detective Lambert.

When Cantrell is captured by the Predator outside the train the scan of her body reveals that she's pregnant.

At this time Cantrell has her gun but the Predator doesn't kill her.

Why didn't the Predator kill detective Cantrell even though she had a gun in her hand?

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As you say...

Because she was pregnant

Certainly the Predator WAS going to kill here, she was armed and a threat. The creature has her in mid-air by the throat, obviously with the intention of killing her.

The issue here is that the baby is not a threat...so killing Cantrell would also kill the baby and we can safely assume that the Predators have some form of code/honor about who or what they kill.

So the Predator simply disarms her....we don't see what actually happens.

An alternative might be, and I'm not a hunter myself, but I understand that it's the accepted norm not to kill mother animals when they have young. It maintains the supply of future prey...


The Predator spared her because she was pregnant.

The Predator quickly scanned the struggling human female, reading the heat signatures of her body, the helmet sensors probing deeply, the visor screen displaying the glowing pulsations of the human creature’s heart, the expansion and contraction of its lungs, the warm flow of the lifeblood within her veins—and then the soft, blue glow inside the abdomen, indicating the presence of another life taking shape within. The human female was gravid.

The Predator released the female, letting her crumple to the ground. The female was a warrior, which was rare, but it would soon bear offspring, and the ethics of the hunt prohibited the taking of a gravid female. It made for poor game management. A pity. The female would have made a fine trophy. The Predator left the creature lying motionless upon the ground, then turned and went back into the subway car to harvest the trophies it had taken.

Predator 2 - Official Novelisation

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