I am wondering why the TV show Goliath is given its name.

I can see hardly any connection between this show and its Biblical reference. Goliath on Wikipeida

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According to The AV Club:

For all the buttons it pushes, formats it breaks, and artful dissolves it deploys, the story of Billy Bob Thornton as a fallen legal star battling his old firm is bizarrely beholden to traditional TV practices. Artless establishing shots of a SoCal setting that wouldn’t look out of place in a CBS procedural are used as segues between scenes. The first season’s inciting incident — an explosion at sea — is depicted like the cold open for a mystery that’s more typically solved in 44 minutes. The antagonistic law firm, the metaphorical behemoth of the show’s title, is introduced during a company-wide seminar that does as much expositional hand-holding as the scene will allow.

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    In both seasons, the protagonist fights gigantic organizations with his own very limited resources. An apt metaphor.
    – Stephane
    Jun 24, 2018 at 8:05

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