In the 2007 Indian film Om Shanti Om, Om Makhija and Shanti are caught in a fire and, as we discover by the end of the film, both of them died that night. However, Om is reincarnated as Om Kapoor, while Shanti becomes a ghost who ultimately haunts Mukesh.

Why did they have different fates? Why didn't Shanti reincarnate like Om?


There is no answer given directly in the film so it's more based on my analysis of the movie.

Om: He got dreams to fulfill. His incomplete wishes; His love for Shanti and his passion for being a star which never got fulfilled. And also before dying he got hit by a car with a pregnant woman and he rebirthed from that woman only. So his soul did get a chance too.

Shanti: Her dreams were broken, the guy used her and killed her. She got no dreams left to fulfill, only revenge was left. And she died alone in a fire with all the pain.

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