In Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why (can't remember the episode), while Clay is talking to Hannah's ghost he shouts out that she did a 'bad thing' (killing herself). He was angry and sad at the time (probably spoke words out of the mouth?).

Why did he say that?

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Because suicide is not a solution.

Hannah killed herself and didn't give a chance to people who could have saved her, Clay loved her and didn't get a chance to do anything to save her life. So he means to say that Hannah did a bad thing killing herself.

He even asked the priest:

Clay: And do you think Hannah is going to hell because she killed herself? I don't.

Priest: I think the God I believe in, a just God, would have mercy on a soul like hers. And if God forgives her, we should. Source: springfieldspringfield

So his thinking of Hannah's suicide being a bad thing can have religious backing too but in rest of the show he don't show any religious sign.

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