Monica Geller was shown as overweight in her early or college days in Friends. In all seasons she was shown as normal weight.

  • Why was Monica Geller overweight in her early years?
  • How did she become normal weight?
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    Because it makes for an interesting plot?
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  • She lost weight by working out a lot. There is an episode where phoebe and her sees Monicas old room, and there are a lot of exercising machines in there. Also that is why Monica is so strong, because she works out a lot.
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  • You either jest or you somehow missed the fact that her dad converted her room into a gym for himself after she moved out... She simply stopped eating a lot. As she said about her former self, "I never let her eat".
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Monica was fat in her younger years because she ate too much.

  • In The One Where Rachel Tells... Ross says:

    I grew up with Monica. If you didn't eat fast, you didn't eat!

  • In The One With The Pediatrician we learn that Ross used to go to a therapist, because

    Monica: ... he used to have this recurring nightmare. It really freaked him out.
    Rachel: Wow, what was it?
    Monica: That I was going to eat him.

  • In The One With Phoebe's Cookies it is revealed that Monica was once sent to fat camp:

    Ross: He still tells the story about how Monica tried to escape from fat camp.
    Monica: I wasn't escaping!
    Ross: Then how did you get caught in the barbed wire?
    Monica: I was trying to help out a squirrel.
    Ross: You were trying to eat it!

Monica lost the weight because of an incident during Thanksgiving 1987, when she overhears Chandler say to Ross:

I just don't want to be stuck here all night with your fat sister.

That prompted Monica to lose weight, which she successfully managed by Thanksgiving 1988.

  • On the back of this, it provides some background to her character. Provides a little information about 4 of the characters via flashbacks and serves to make her a more three dimensional character. She has a character trait, struggles with it and over comes it. Commented May 19, 2014 at 10:51

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