Where was the house on Elm street filmed in the A Nightmare on Elm Street and what city was it supposed to be in the movie?

This part of the film was that supposed to look like the 60s is a clue in the movie. I know it was said that the idea came from refuges that died in their sleep but I wasn't satisfied with that answer and wonder if it's possible that there is some truth that is deeper.

enter image description here

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    the answer to this is in the very wikipedia page you link to "The fictional address of the house that appears in the film is 1428 Elm Street; the actual house is a private home located in Los Angeles on 1428 North Genesee Avenue."
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Yes. The movie was based on many of Craven's childhood memories, all of which happened in Los Angeles, CA. The initial concept was loosely based on actual cases of refugees from Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam having a series of terrifying nightmares and then dying in their sleep shortly thereafter.

Freddie Kruger was originally intended to be a child molester, but a spate of molestation cases had occurred during production and he didn't want to be accused of exploiting the cases. The character's name was the name of a boy who had bullied Craven in Elementary School.

The decision to set the movie in a small town in Ohio, and on Elm Street, was made so that it had a broader appeal to rural Americans.

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My answer is from unofficial sources and articles both fiction and nonfiction from what was said and not said. I am aware of the official answer given by Wes Craven but this is not that answer.

The fictional address of the house that appears in the film is 1428 Elm Street; the actual house is a private home located in Los Angeles on 1428 North Genesee Avenue."

I googled mapped street viewed it and added the picture below with the link to see the whole street.

Google's maps are slightly off but you can see the address on the door frame.

https://www.google.com/maps/place/1428+N+Genesee+Ave,+Los+Angeles,+CA+90046 enter image description here

Now in the movie it appears to be in the city of Springwood, Ohio from the newspapers from the movies.

There is no actual place in Ohio to come close to the city name Springwood in the movie.

Although, I did find this place called Helltown along a road called Riverview, previously Boston Township founded in 1775 is one of the nine townships of the Summit County, Ohio, United States, about 23 miles south of Cleveland.

The city slogan is a very similar match to the welcome sign in the movie. The city was shut down from all the Satanic worship and unsolved missing children from the 60s in that area and as rituals go ritual probably go back to 1775.

In 1974, President Ford signed a legislation that allowed the National Parks Service to buy the area and turn it into a national park. There was no real park ever made nor did it have any real unique features and never really became a park.

No spills or hardship and some of the houses where unusually extravagant for the area to be shut down the way it was. Maybe the majority of the people was just evil and as an extra measure they closed the land. I could not find any official reason why that location was chosen for a park.

The Army was called in to remove the people in that area.

Video of locales being ran out of their homes.

I think some really evil cult shtuff when down by some evil people and they ment to stop it for ever. By some chance the land was damned they evacuated the area.

Remember the scene on the movie with the school bus.....the rusting bus in the picture(photoshoped) below was said in that area of a killing spree where at least a dozen children were hacked to death on a school bus. Don't fall asleep and miss your stop.

enter image description here

The sign above is the actual welcome sign but the picture was photoshoped. Notice the slogan for the movie compared to the one in Helltown.

One, two, they are coming for you Three, four, better lock your door Five, six, grab your crucifix Seven, eight, gonna stay up late Nine, ten, never sleep again

Children went missing at night while they were sleeping and taken to this church next to the bus where Rituals were done to them in the basement. I included another picture of the church before the city was shut down.

enter image description here

More Helltown, Ohio pictures:

enter image description here

enter image description here

Houses that was abandoned in the 90s look similar to the Elm Street in the movie.

enter image description here

enter image description here

The jail was the last part of the city to close in the 90s about 30 years after the city was closed. I could only imagine that the perpetrators were kept there until death.

enter image description here

Graves of children around an Elm tree. enter image description here The Old Boston Township High School

enter image description here Notice the upside down crosses. Blueprints for this church was used across the US.

enter image description here

enter image description here Photos of actual missing children from this town looks similar to the movie newspaper.

enter image description here From the movie.

This would make a good bases for this horror movie. Exact detail are unconfirmed, but you can Google Helltown, Ohio and decide for yourselves.

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    You have some errors here. The area was taken by the government due to local fears of urban sprawl and eventually became the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Yes it actually does exist The white house with the satellite dish is in East Cleveland and was abandoned during the housing crisis in the mid 2000s. The next house is in Milan Ohio 62 miles from there. The Elm street story wasn't based on a town but on LA Times stories in the 1970's about Southeast Asian refugees who were dying in their sleep after repeatedly suffering disturbing nightmares.
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    The Welcome sign of Helltown is a very bad fake. There wasn't a population of 350,000 nor is the elevation of anything in Ohio 6,250 feet unless it's an airplane. The highest point in the state is Campbell Hill at 1,550 feet. The church pictured is still in use. It is the Mother of Sorrows Catholic church. If the architectural detail on the church is anything more than a detail then it would be the Cross of Saint Peter which is an inverted cross. The park has a lot more than just a ski area: nps.gov/cuva/planyourvisit/outdooractivities.htm
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    The paper that has the story of two missing kids is also likely a fake. If you look at the paragraphs on the lower left side they are lorem ipsum. Dummy paragraphs in Latin often used in fake newspapers.
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    The Helltown legend is almost all fake. The church is the same one I mentioned above and the picture comes from Wikimedia commons here: bit.ly/2rc6Abd The buildings and graffitied wall pic are in Atlanta and come from this article on how to do justice in at risk neighborhoods: bit.ly/2jpfNc0 The one labeled Dormatory and the picture 2 below it are the Byberry Mental Hospital in Philadelphia as seen here bit.ly/2Fzycvf The only real thing is that the government turned an area into a National Park and kicked people off the land.
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    it's fake. That isn't a prison it is the Byberry Mental Hospital. No cult. No mystery. Back to your original question though, It wasn't the inspiration for the town in Elm Street because there was nothing wrong with the town in Elm Street. They used a fake town name so they wouldn't get sued.
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