Well, as we know Stranger Things is in the 80s (not later than 1984). The gun in those scene looks exactly like the M4 model while the M4 is in service in 1994.



Is this a mistake or I take it wrong?

  • Well, can't help but notice that Stranger Things' world is somewhat different than ours, having gates to a nether dimension and all that. Next to that, getting some gun produced a few years earlier wouldn't be much of a biggie.
    – Mithoron
    Commented Jun 15 at 16:38

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The pictures you've provided are dreadfully unclear, so it's impossible to tell if we're actually looking at an M4 carbine as claimed.

The "Internet Movie Firearms Database" believes they are Colt Model 723, which is a variation of the M16A2, the same weapon the M4 Carbine is based on. The M16A2 was officially adopted by US Department of Defense in 1982, for use by the US Marine Corps.

Without clearer imagery, I think it's difficult to answer precisely which weapon was actually used. It's possible (but again inconclusive) that they are M4s - it may have been what the prop department had on hand, and because it is not a military or historical piece, they used them because they were "close enough". Unless they're going for absolutely accuracy, Hollywood prop departments tend to use what they have.

An example aside, consider Timecop and Stargate: Atlantis. Two weapons modified for the film, one of them very distinctive, show up on an entirely unrelated television series. It's highly likely somebody in the prop department was asked for a "futuristic" gun and said "How 'bout this one we already have?"

  • Because the (whole) episode is indoor/at night so I can't provide the clearer images, but you're right, it must be the 723 model. Thanks for that IMFD site. That would be useful. Commented Apr 11, 2018 at 16:24

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