In Darkest Hour, several times the date appears onscreen as a graphic, and it switches from one date to another. The change is accompanied by the sound of an egg timer's "ping", and then a heavy mechanical sound. What are these sounds supposed to be, and why were they used?


The first instance of this happens at 5:25 (starting from when the "Focus Features" logo appears onscreen).

enter image description here

  • To ensure the audience remained awake? I do recall what you're talking about and I just understood it to be a time change signifier. Having said that, I may have to watch it again. – Livrecache Apr 8 '18 at 13:29
  • Thanks Brett - couldn't say for certain, but it sounds like the chime mechanism of a big clock starting up [the Westminster clock/Big Ben would seem apropos] - aside from the tiny ding at the start, which I assume has more to do with the scene we're watching than the 'impending doom' hinted by the large 'slide, kerthunk'... [unless they all have that ding... but I haven't seen the whole movie yet - probably tomorrow, it's in the queue for] – Tetsujin Apr 8 '18 at 13:48

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