I noticed that Buford Van Stomm from Phineas and Ferb wears a black tee shirt with short sleeves, and an approximation of a skull on the front


Is there any correlation with the skull image that Frank Castle wears on his shirt, in the role of The Punisher?


Also noted that Crash from The Bettys wears a tee shirt with a similar motif, but different colours.


Also Sid Philips from Toy Story (1995) wears a similar shirt.


Is there any connection between these?

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    Doubtful. The skull is a universal symbol of "bad guy". In phineas and ferb, buford is a "bad kid" or, the tough kid even though he is friendly. Apr 2, 2018 at 14:03

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As mentioned by DustinDavis in comments, it is a universal symbol for "bad guy". Or in the words of TV Tropes Skeleton Motif:

This trope can take many forms. While some characters may use real bones, photographs, or detailed drawings of bones to construct their motif, something as subtle as a pattern on a T-shirt or a piece of jewelry that vaguely resembles a skull can be just as effective.

Also the same TV Tropes link talks about Toy story too:

In Toy Story, Sid (something closest to a "villain" in the movie) wears a skull T-shirt.

And lists many such similar examples too like Bully Jimbo from The Simpsons and it's not even limited to Disney property only.

Crash from Phineas and Ferb can be debated for not being evil but she did do mean stuff to Candace and Stacy. And Stacy earned the similar shirt as an act of being a fangirl.


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