The helicopter(s)-chasing-a-car (or chasing a motorbike or other ground vehicle) trope is by now fairly well established in both live-action and animated television series and movies. See, for example:

There is an obvious similarity to the crop-duster scene in North by Northwest (1959), but I suspect the helicopter(s)-chasing-a-car trope predates even that. The earliest example I have seen is in:

Did that indeed mark the emergence of the trope, or did it feature in earlier films or TV series?

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    Doesn't Dr. Wong (Edmind Breese) use his autogyro to chase a car with Henry Quail (W.C. Fields) in it in 'International House' (1933)..? – wcullen Apr 4 '18 at 3:35
  • @wcullen, I haven't seen /International House/, but your comment sounds like it might have the makings of an answer! Autogryos ≠ helicopters, but they are so visually close (autogyros, like helicopters, are often called "whirlybirds" due to their rotors), and capable of such similar low-speed flight patterns, that from a film/TV perspective a scene like the one you describe sounds as though it could well mark the emergence of the trope. Good catch! – sampablokuper Apr 4 '18 at 8:00

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