Is Mr. Weyland a great grandchild of the Weyland in Alien vs. Predator?


Lindelof explains About the prometheus and AVP connection in an interview as:-

Q: You said nothing is an accidental reference, so is there a possible intentional Alien Vs. Predator reference in that the Weylands are always seeking eternal life?

Lindelof: You mean in terms of Charles Bishop Weyland? Look, as to what’s canon and what’s not canon, for me as a screenwriter it’s transcended by Ridley as a director. Here’s the thing. Ridley invented this. He created this Alien universe. He birthed it out of his own heart and soul. So he gets to do whatever it is he wants to do and he wanted to use Weyland as a conduit in the story, and was not interested at all when I said to him, “You know, Weyland was a character in one of the Alien Vs. Predator movies,” he just sort of looked at me like I had just slapped him in the face. That was the beginning, middle and end of all Alien Vs. Predator references in our story process.

That clearly indicates that they want to completely ignore AVP, and Weyland characters in both movies have no relation.


Prometheus is intended to be the prequel to the Alien directed by Ridley Scott. Alien vs Predator was a spin-off franchise and has nothing to do with Alien or Prometheus time lines.

There is no relation what so ever between weyland characters in both movies.

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