Did Charles actually do something to deserve Poppy’s punishment, or was it just a loyalty test for the new recruit, Angel?

Maybe Charles did wrong by telling Angel about the Golden Circle?

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    She didn't, she told that to Angel later in the movie. But I think she never gave a reason to kill Charles (the bald guy at the begining of the movie). – Moisés Briseño Estrello Feb 25 '18 at 9:11
  • From "fan subtitles" (found subscene.com/subtitles/kingsman-the-golden-circle/english/…), "Your old pal, Charles, has messed up. That's all I'm gonna tell you,'cause that's all you need to know." which I guess are quite near what it's said in the movie. – Larme Feb 25 '18 at 17:02
  • Wow. I remembered that part pretty clearly.. I guess not. – Gnemlock Feb 26 '18 at 3:17
  • I’m not expecting people to remember it, but they can review the scene, that is why I asked, because it’s not an obvious answer. – Moisés Briseño Estrello Feb 26 '18 at 3:19
  • Because he messed up something and Poppy wasn't happy about it.. – Vishwa Feb 26 '18 at 9:14

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