In the movie The Equalizer (2014), there is the following conversation:

Teri: What's your book about?

Robert McCall: It's about a guy who is a knight in shining armor, except he lives in a world where knights don't exist anymore.

Does anyone know what the book is that Denzel Washington (Robert McCall) is talking about?

Is it even about a real book or is this just a line for the movie?

Notes: Also in the movie, he makes a reference to Moby Dick which leads me to believe that this line is also about a real book.


It's don't think it's explicit in the movie but it's Don Quixote

The script varies slightly from the actual dialogue but it is clear....

The script has it as:

          McCall holds up DON QUIXOTE.

       Guy who thinks he’s a Knight. Only
       he lives in a world where knights
       don’t exist any more.

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