In the Phineas and Ferb special episode "Summer Belongs to You", during their brief stopover in Tokyo, the crew gets anime-fied temporarily.

This includes Isabella for a moment:


What is that green thing she's holding in her hand here? I didn't see her holding anything before, so what's she holding here?

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Going down the rabbit-hole of the Phineas and Ferb wikia, the song is inspired by Ievan Polkka

The anime-inspired dance sequence in Tokyo parodies two popular internet memes, one which involves various animated characters dancing to a sped-up remix of the Swedish pop song Caramelldansen, and another which uses the Finnish song Ievan Polkka called "Loituma Girl" (aka "Leekspin"). Although Isabella was animated doing the Vocaloid version which involves an up-and-down movement rather than twirling.

And that led to the wikia article with the song name which in turn led to:

Loituma Girl

Leek Girl GIF

Thus to answer your question, Isabella is holding a leek.

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