Have there been any movies that take place entirely underwater?

It looks like it is a rare kind of film that takes place entirely underwater because all the water/underwater-themed movies I've seen have above-the-surface scenes. I've tried watching the trailer of the movies I haven't seen and they also had above-the-surface scenes.

Specifically, I wonder if there ever was a fictional feature film that is set entirely underwater:

  • a feature film
  • no above-the-surface scene
  • not a documentary
  • not an animation movie

If there are various ones indeed, it would certainly be interesting which was the first movie to do so, but it doesn't seem like this is a common thing to begin with and I'd be first and foremost concerned to know if there are any at all.

All the movies that come to my mind have scenes above the surface (like The Abyss) or start/end above the surface. There might be an Atlantis themed movie that takes place entirely underwater. I've found the Wikipedia lists below but I haven't watched all these movies obviously. Someone might remember a movie from these lists:

Underwater action films
Films set in Atlantis

If the only answer is an animation movie; some movies that come to mind are Finding Nemo, The Little Mermaid, Shark Tale, Ponyo... but I think they all have surface scenes (maybe except Shark Tale? I didn't watch the whole movie).


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I think Underwater actually takes place entirely underwater, but they're inside a building and pods inside the water, so I don't know if that counts.

  • I've finally watched this movie. I can confirm that it takes place entirely underwater as the name of the movie suggests. However, if I would be nitpicky, there are some photos shown at the end of the movie which show above the surface scenes. I don't know if we can consider photos shown in a movie as a scene? I will accept this till a better one comes up. It was a good movie nevertheless.
    – ermanen
    Apr 9, 2022 at 12:45

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