In the movie The Florida Project, several struggling families all live in motels around the Disney World.

In my personal experience, motels are not cheap.

I have not been to Florida myself, but I did a bit search on the internet, living in Motel is actually expensive. The rate is around 150 US dollars a day. Not to mention those motels are close to the Disney land.

If this is the case, how could those struggling families afford living in motels?

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    While one can get a reduced rate for extended stays, as Scotty notes in his answer, it should be stated that those rates may still be more expensive then renting an apartment (or house, etc). When your financial situation doesn't allow for more affordable housing, you are stuck with this kind of thing. – user25738 Feb 2 '18 at 14:54
  • 150 per day? damn! That's like some expensive luxury hotel – Vishwa Feb 5 '18 at 6:52

Actually, people with disastrously bad or no credit have few other options. They would live in a class of hotel/motel known as an "Extended Stay." Because residents commit to longer term rental periods, generally weekly or month-to month, they get a reduced rate which is usually comparable to an apartment. In most areas it can be as little as $40 a day. Orlando is actually a bad example as the high tourist demand pushes average rates significantly higher, in the $60 to $100 a day range.

Here is a low-end example of a $60 a night extended stay in the Orlando area that might have better rates for longer commitments: Choice Hotels Orlando >>

More information about Extended Stay or "Apartment Hotel" residences from Wikipedia. >>


From what I know in USA you may not only be denied mortgage due to your bad financial situation. You may also be denied renting a house or an apartment. So yes, you may be forced to pay more than you would pay renting an apartment or mortgage rate because bank or renter consider you untrusty or your income to low to afford the expense for a longer time.

So instead of committing to very long term of paying rates or long term rent you are forced to use very short term (weeks or months) for a higher price. The reasoning is that If you struggle to get your money here you don't commit to long term and rather go looking for work in other places.


The Magic Castle in Kissimmee is a real place, and their rates are real cheap for the Orlando area. Is it plausible that someone would choose to live in the hotel (if the management was willing)? Maybe, particularly if the location is struggling to attract tourists on a regular basis. When I worked at a resort hotel years ago, we used to have people stay for months at a time during the off-season.

That being said, in this area, particularly Kissimee, it would be cheaper to rent or buy a mobile home. I suspect that goes for many places in the US, but I've also seen old motels converted for use as apartments when the economy in the location tanks.

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