In the end of Ben 10 episode 13th, we see town is back to normal and we see old man with three grand children:

enter image description here

But this three kid appear very similar to Team Ebisu from Naruto:

enter image description here

Even Konohamaru used to wear the goggles over his head

enter image description here

Is it just a coincidence or deliberate attempt to reference Naruto? Official wording will be more appreciated.

  • It certainly seems like it may be a deliberate reference to me.
    – JAB
    Jan 18 '18 at 19:06

Apparently there has been a subject of discussion among various videos I "unearthed" wherein they talked about the Naruto reference


Also apparently Maria Isabel Martiñón Fernández was the voice actress for Ben in the localized Latin version who is also the voice actress for Naruto. 1

So this could just be another case of paying homage to one of the fandoms! :D

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