What does the different color of uniform shirts signify in the Star Trek movies of the reboot series? In Star Trek Into Darkness Kirk orders Chekov to wear a Redshirt in place of a Yellow one to work in place of Scotty. In the original series, the colors were a little different and also have some ambiguity but in the reboot series, there are only 3 colors used Red, Yellow, and Blue.

So what are the different colors of uniforms used in the Star Trek reboot series?


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All colors represent different jobs and service roles in a ship. The reboot series adapted colors from the original series.

Here is the list of what job each color represents.

  • The command division wore gold shirts. This includes Captain Kirk, Lieutenant Sulu, and Pavel Chekov.

  • The science and medical staff wore blue shirts. This includes Lieutenant Commander McCoy and Commander Spock.

  • The engineering and communications division wore red shirts. This included Chief Engineer Scotty and Communications Officer Uhura.

  • The security division also wore red shirts. You might know these people as the careless supporting characters that are immediately killed whenever the crew is confronted by a new enemy. We told you to avoid them.


When Kirk asks Chekov to put on a red shirt, he made Chekov his new chief of Engineering division.

KIRK: Mister Chekov. You've been shadowing Mister Scott. You are familiar with the engineering systems of this ship?

CHEKOV: Affirmative, sir.

KIRK: Good. You're my new Chief. Go put on a red shirt.

Script Source

As indicated in the list of uniform colors, Chekov was asked to put on a red shirt.


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