Why couldn't Master Shifu contain Tai Lung, forcing Po to later defeat him in Kung Fu Panda?

Why is it that Master Shifu couldn't contain or defeat Tai Lung, but Po has to fight aganst Lung in order to save Shifu and the Valley of Peace?

It is showed that both Shifu and Po knew Wuxi Finger Hold. So why did Po have to defeat him? He is the student of Shifu anyways. Why is it that the teacher who knew Kung Fu so well, was ultimately unable to defeat Tai Lung? Lung was also a former student of Shifu.

Why was Shifu unable to do what was necessary?

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Because he loved Tai Lung as he is his own

As shown in the flashback scene, it shows Master Shifu adopted infant Tai Lung when somebody left Lung at Shifu's door. Shifu adopted Tai Lung, fed him, teach him and it shows that Shifu really did care about Tai Lung. Either Shifu loved Tai Lung as his own.

Shifu loved Tai Lung so much that he was willing to give up the dragon scroll to him. But Master Ooogway saw darkness in Tai Lung and refuses. Enraged Lung became evil and Oogway had to defeat him, while Shifu watching shockingly.

Years later, it shows that Shifu still loves Lung deep inside.

So when Lung attacked him, Shifu only sees that little lovable kid version of Lung and Shifu was unable to fight with him as he can do. That's why Po has to fight Lung and defeat him.

No matter what he knew, Shifu couldn't hit the kid once he loved deep in his heart.

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