We know that Perry the Platypus - Agent P. - from Phineas and Ferb gets orders from Major Francis Monogram and Carl the intern. But when we get a view from Pinky the Chihuahua - Agent P. - we see that he receives orders from a different person, a woman.

Does each OWCA agent receive orders from a different authority figure or do those two also give orders to other agents?

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One commanding officer has multiple animal agents under them and it has been shown multiple times. Even Major Monogram in epilogue of episode Traffic Cam Caper, make a song with many of his agents:

But there are more agents than that under Monogram which we see in many episodes like Agent W (whale) and Agent E.

But for Wanda Acronym we only see her assistant Carla and Agent Pinky only. Maybe she have more agents which we never got to know about.

Even there are agents like Peter the Panda which seem to be from different divisions and reporting neither to Wanda nor to Monogram.

Refer this wikia for more details.

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