In Black Mirror S04E06 Black Museum, we got mention of so many previous episodes that it seems like it is clearly suggesting that it exists in the same universe. It mentions cookies from White Christmas and cloud storage from USS Callister. Even Tommy's lollipop made an appearance, suggesting it takes place after that episode; it also mentions that cookies are old technology.

Is this a deliberate attempt to address fan theories about the whole show existing in the same universe, or just more extended Easter eggs? This episode does set a bit of chronology. Did any of the official persons address it?

  • In the episode White Christmas, when watching news in TV, you can see in on other channels the talent show from season 1 and other references to previous episodes. Also - people in White Christmas have the same eye implants as in S01E03.
    – TK-421
    Jul 27, 2020 at 11:36

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Well, it seems that Black Museum proves fan theories that the whole show exists in the same universe true.

From the interview with Charlie Brooker with Digital Spy,

In our exclusive interview, Brooker reveals the surprising reason why the Easter eggs started, and how upcoming episode 'Black Museum' connects Black Mirror's disparate strands.

"It does actually now seem to imply that it is all a shared universe," he reveals.

Above article contains a video of full interview.

From Heavy article,

Brooker said: “It used to be that we would refer to other things partly because it was convenient… As time goes on we’ve put more and more of these nods to other stories in, and certainly this season for the first time … the first very explicitly, one of our episodes, Black Museum, has got very specific references to previous stories we’ve done, and it is sort of filling in a bit of backstory there. You don’t need to have seen those to watch the show… But it does actually sort of now seem to imply that is actually all a shared universe, which was the opposite of the answer I used to give to this question.”

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