In the Season Five finale of Dexter, entitled "The Big One," there appears to be a fatal plot flaw.

Recall that Dexter used a car, which he had stolen near the crime scene where he killed Stan Liddy, to rescue Lumen. Upon arriving at the camp where Jordan had kidnapped Lumen, Dexter has a car accident in which the stolen car actually spins and rolls violently out of control. That car isn't going anywhere. Certainly, Dexter and Lumen could not have possibly taken care of the stolen car after killing Jordan.

Next, Debra arrives at the crime scene where Dexter and Lumen have just killed Jordan. She permits Dexter and Lumen to flee, but states that she will "call it in."

Investigating officers should have seen the stolen vehicle, matched it to a reported missing/stolen vehicle (stolen near the Liddy crime scene that Dexter had recently inexplicably fled), and continued to pursue that lead.

Quinn would have certainly become more curious about anything that would potentially exonerate him from Liddy's murder. And the fraudulent results Dexter reported regarding the blood found on Quinn's shoe doesn't seem adequate to excuse Quinn as a suspect.

So, why was this evidence never investigated further?

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So, why was this evidence never investigated further?

Dexter and Lumen most likely moved/hid the car using the construction machinery before leaving Camp Jordan.

When Dexter went flying off the road, it was because he was about to run into some construction machinery; a Case 580M backhoe loader.

enter image description here

Using the very loader that caused him to wreck, Dexter and Lumen would have pushed the car off the main road that leads into camp, and then covered it up with dirt/sticks/leaves/etc..

But, how do we know the backhoe loader works?

Closer towards the beginning of the episode, Jordan Chase visits the camp with Lumen in the trunk. As he's first driving into camp, he pays notice to the backhoe loader, which is neatly out of the way of the road.

Fast-forward to when Dexter arrives at the camp, and loader is in the middle of the road, with one of the buckets raised.

Obviously, Jordan Chase move the machinery to the middle of the road [to set a trap for Dexter], thus proving it was functional for Dexter and Lumen to then use to move the wrecked car.

  • Debra claimed that police would be arriving in an hour. Is it plausible that Dexter and Lumen could carve up Jordan, move the car with a machine they have no knowledge of using, cover it so well that investigators wouldn't stumble upon it, then flee the scene on foot (or would they take the BMW and have to dispose of it)?
    – Mark Viola
    Commented Jan 5, 2018 at 14:31
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    @MarkViola - you are inventing requirements that don't necessarily have to be followed. Why do I have to drive to a location not near the marina and transfer? Can't I drive to the marina, then move the car elsewhere later? Why would the police magically be going straight to the marina based on..... nothing, or, at the very least, based on bits of evidence that have to be analyzed and pieced together over a period of hours or days? How DNA-proof does my wrap have to be? What if a bit of DNA falls or leaks out at some random spot? What are the odds of it being located and recognized? Etc. Commented Jan 5, 2018 at 17:28
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    I wasn't doubtIng Dexter's capabilities. He just wouldn't have enogh time
    – Mark Viola
    Commented Jan 5, 2018 at 17:32
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    @poleholeset You're missing the bigger picture. Dexter had a lot more things to do than normal given the burden of the stolen car. And Debra had stated they had an hour or so to be gone. I don't find a plausible way to do all that needed to be done in that short a time frame.
    – Mark Viola
    Commented Jan 5, 2018 at 17:57
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    Well, if one's answer to the original question suggests that the car was disposed/hidden, then it is natural to inquire as to how that's plausible. Your time line and explanation are solid. And so I'm likely to accept your answer inevitably.
    – Mark Viola
    Commented Jan 7, 2018 at 14:40

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