In Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2017, the contestant Big Narstie kept holding up his hands in a "heart" shape and kept saying something. Jimmy Carr kept getting upset because what he was doing wasn't correct, but I was never able to quite catch what they were referencing.

What was Big Narstie referencing, and why was what he was doing wrong?


He claimed it was the "Mo Farah sign". Also known as the Mobot, it is a celebration dance invented by sports commentator Clare Balding for British long-distance track athlete Mo Farah.

Here is the actual sign:

Jimmy Carr and Mo Farah perform the Mobot

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This link may help. It refers to your question.

To Jimmy Carr’s chagrin, Mr. Narstie repeatedly made a heart shape with his hands and insisted on calling it the “Mo Farah sign” after the gesture made by the British distance runner to celebrate a win.

Watch it here. Jimmy Carr and Big Narstie squabble over the meaning of the shape.

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