In the intro of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them you see 5 Aurors who try to infiltrate/investigate a place.

Before they get killed you can see a house/mansion, but what was it?

Grindelwald's house or headquarters?

Some say its Nurmengard Fortress but that is impossible cause Nurmengard Fortress/Prison is way bigger and stands between two big rocks.

Does anyone know what place the Aurors got killed?

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It's left unclear.

From the script:


A large, isolated, derelict chateau emerges from the darkness. We focus on a cobbled square outside the building, shrouded in mist, eerie, silent.

Five Aurors stand, wands aloft, tentative as they edge towards the chateau. A sudden explosion of pure white light sends them flying.

We whip around to find their bodies scattered, lying motionless at the entrance to a large parkland. A figure (Grindelwald) enters the frame, his back to the camera; ignoring the bodies, he stares out into the night sky as we pan up towards the moon.

The use of the word chateau suggests that it's in a French-speaking country, and the parkland/cobblestone suggests an old country estate. "Derelict" makes it sound like it's not where Grindelwald lives on a long-term basis; either somewhere he's squatting temporarily or simply somewhere the Aurors tracked him to. But other than that, the location of the attack is left (I would say) deliberately vague.

  • @J.P Future films are said to be set in Europe. The second film is already said to in part take place in Paris, France--So it seems like it may get answered at some point! cinemablend.com/news/1587480/… Commented Nov 19, 2017 at 20:37

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