In the first season of Stranger Things, we can see the "Demogorgon" being set on fire and shot by automatic weapons, without showing any signs of harm at all.

You can see that he looks pretty healthy after Eleven pins him up the whiteboard:

enter image description here

In the second season, similar creatures are featured. They again do not seem to mind bullets from automatic weapons.

Can those monsters be killed by physical means?


Hurt? Yes. Kill? Unclear.

Both the (presumably) fully grown demogorgon in the first season and the "demo-dogs" in the second season appeared to be physically harmed by things other than Eleven's telekinetic powers (what the question calls "magic").

In season one, Nancy and Jonathan seem to be able to hurt the Demogorgon using fire and other weapons, forcing it to retreat to the Upside Down. In season two, the demo-dogs are shown to be affected by gunshots, especially at the end of the last episode when Eleven is attempting to close the gate.

However, in all cases they appear to be highly resilient (a few gun shots aren't sufficient to do serious damage), and may even have rapid regeneration abilities (in or outside of the Upside Down). We also don't know if it's possible to fatally wound any of them as that's never been explicitly shown.

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Although I think the story seems to be set up with a kind of X-Men-like narrative, where it seems like the metaphysical characters are a fundamental part of dealing with the metaphysical creatures of the Upside Down, I would argue that both the human characters without abilities are still important and that we have seen some non metaphysical ideas play a role.

  1. If it wouldn't have been for the kinetics between Will Byers and The Shadow Monster, we know that fire (Heat and Light) harms The Shadow Monster and may have destroyed it. It's unclear though if the same goes for the Demogorgan, because we have never seen that happen and/or know if the two are at all related.

  2. Dustin's bonding with the demi-dog (a similar creature like the Demogorgan) also suggests that some of the creatures from the Upside Down can, in some cases, imprint with human characters and form meaningful relationships. If it wouldn't have been for Dart's early interactions with Dustin, Dustin and friends may not have escaped the tunnels.

  3. Many of the characters did things from driving around, to teaming-up to find solutions and there is an argument that even the metaphysical characters rely on the non metaphysical characters and it isn't just the other way, because the story is character driven.

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  • Answer seems too deviated from original question – Ankit Sharma Oct 30 '17 at 11:52
  • You're probably not going to get another answer for a while. It's the second season of at least four seasons and we have only dealt with one demigorgan and we don't know how any of the creatures relate to each other outside that A Shadowm Monster can create a bee-hive mind with other living things and that at least one demidog came from Will. My point with the other examples was to show in some cases non magical substances like fire, had an effect and that the magical character's abilities sometimes rely on how they feel about other characters. 11 came back, because she wanted to save them. – Darth Locke Oct 30 '17 at 14:15

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