In the "Emmy" episode of Family Guy there is a scene in which Meg is eating cake in the bathtub:

enter image description here

She says,

You've inspired me to nakedly eat this cake in a weird place.

What is this a reference to?

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Notice Meg's short hair and tattoo? That's Lena Dunham. They're parodying Hannah from Girls, who ate a cupcake in a tub in the very first episode. She was talking to Marnie at the time, though, and Peter's clothes look like something Jessa would wear, so they could be from another episode. Dunham's hair was longer in season one, but Hannah eating cake and tub scenes with her friends were kind of running themes in Girls. Here's a pic from that first episode:

enter image description here

Dunham also ate cake naked in a bathroom stall in a Girls parody for the Emmys once (NSFW).


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