If Salazar's mission in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales was only to eradicate the pirates, then why didn't he do anything when his ship's left side faced Jack's ship? That's so much cannons in that side.

I mean he got plenty cannons and plenty of advisors, his ship was more like a floating Spanish fortress, and the crew had high morale.

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...when his ship's stern faced Jack's ship?

Well actually, the stern never faced Jack's ship but...

I mean he got plenty cannons...

Not at the rear he doesn't...it looks like he's only got 4 (maybe 6) and half of those probably couldn't be brought to bear on Jack's ship as they are facing the wrong side.

enter image description here

then why didn't he do anything...?

Well, the cannon that could be brought to bear can't hit Jack's ship because the rocky outcrop is in the way.

enter image description here

However, regardless of that, he doesn't have time to do that before he runs afoul of the rocks in the Devil's Triangle literally seconds later.

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