Roy Batty's incept date was 8 January 2016. Here's the proof:

enter image description here

So if he has a 4-year lifespan, then why does he die in 2019, when the movie is taking place?

Is this a plot-hole? Or does the movie unknowingly slip into 2020?

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    Don't knew it exactly, but I'd just assume the four years are simply rounded and not strictly 4 times 365 days plus 1.
    – Mario
    Oct 14 '17 at 6:05
  • The average human lifespan is 83 years, but that doesn't mean humans just fall over on their 83rd birthdays. The 4 years stated in the movie might be just an average not a promise of a minimum lifespan.
    – RichS
    Oct 14 '17 at 17:08

It appears as though the leading cause of death in replicants is a form of cellular death, akin to 'old age' in humans.

Remember that in the first movie, Tyrell admits that the short lifespan was not by design, but was the only way they could create them in the first place when he says:

“You were made as well as we could make you.”

Much like humans, anything can reduce this life-span; not to mention the lack of accuracy in any lifespan. They are not robots, remember, they are still 'organic', despite their synthetic nature. As humans have a natural lifespan of 80 yrs (+/-20), it would appear Replicants are 4 years (+/-1).

  • I never noticed before that Tyrell's words about not being able to lengthen the lifespan contradict Deckard's boss/coworker describing the lifespan as a built-in "failsafe". Oct 14 '17 at 12:30
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    they could both be correct; they could have been instructed to keep the lifespan short, and 3-4 years was the best they could manage with a genetically built in cellular atrophy... Oct 14 '17 at 12:49
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    Tying that into @JakeGould's answer, it's not even +/-1 year. It's more like +/- 1 month. Oct 14 '17 at 17:43
  • @ToddWilcox: I always saw that as good marketing. They were able to do it that way, and thought of a way to sell it to people of being a good thing.
    – PlasmaHH
    Oct 14 '17 at 22:20
  • @PlasmaHH FWIW, the average length of time most people spend at one employer nowadays is 4.4 years (according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). So hey… The film kind predicts modern job lifespans. Oct 15 '17 at 3:01

As the text card at the very beginning of the film clearly states, the events in the movie take place starting in November 2019.

So one can assume that a replicant “born” on January 8, 2016 would start to slowly fall apart during the timespan from November 2019 to the beginning of January 2020.

Date and location at the beginning of “Blade Runner.”

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