Wikipedia says that the box office for the movie Approaching the Unknown is just $10232. That seems ridiculously low for a movie with a budget of 1.3 million. Is this figure correct?

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    No idea of votes (probably because there are too many easily google-able box-office websites) and 10k seems small indeed for Mark Strong movie. But the movie ratings are quite poor and 1.3m is not that much of a budget for a movie. And think of this: it came a year after The Martian. Add Solaris and Moon to same category and you get your comparison. It was doomed to failure. With 1.3m you do not get movie-marketing and distribution. And without this you wont sell even if you have a good movie.
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  • @Paharet In hindsight, I should have probably asked how a movie with Mark Strong and the other guy on the monitor could have bombed so badly. Oh well...
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According to this website and its information:


Total Lifetime Grosses

Domestic: $10,232

Domestic Summary

Opening Weekend: $6,476 (#57 rank, 11 theaters, $589 average) % of Total Gross: 63.3%

View All Weekends

Widest Release: 11 theaters

In Release: 7 days / 1 weeks

The Players

Actors: Sanaa Lathan,Mark Strong, Luke Wilson

Yes it is very in fact that.

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