In the Hollywood horror movie It(2017), which is based on a novel by Stephen King, the young girl Beverly who stays with her abusive father is shown as cutting her hair in front of mirror.

Why does she do this?

What is the significance of this scene? I want to know if I have missed out any other significant detail related to the scene.

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The scene exactly before Beverly cuts her hair in the bathroom is with her father who is standing creepily in the hallway & notices the sanitary pads (I think) in her hand & then creepily caress her hair saying something like "You're still my little girl aren't you Bev". She cuts her hair because she doesn't want to look like a girl. In a later scene, her father points out her boyish looks & is annoyed.

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    Also worth noting that as she was cutting her hair she was whispering "See what you did? You did this" (at least that's the way it was dubbed). This might also indicate the fact that she thought he had tainted her hair by caressing it (she cut off exactly the part he had touched).
    – ruslaniv
    Sep 13, 2017 at 5:47

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