This is about Martyrs from 2008 (France / Canada), not the remake.

There are two female leads, Lucie and Anna. Lucie commits suicide and Anna is captured. Finally, Anna is skinned alive.

Here is a video of the movie final:

It starts with the skinned Anna being hoisted and locked into position. Other important scenes are at around 3:20 and, especially, 4:16.

Now, my question concerns her anatomy after the flaying.

Why does Anna lack female breasts after the skinning?

I wonder whether this was intentional and there is an in-movie explanation or maybe a convincing analysis. But maybe it was a mistake or there were other reasons (e. g. technical, content rating).


From Human Breasts

The breast is the tissue overlying the chest (pectoral) muscles. Women's breasts are made of specialized tissue that produces milk (glandular tissue) as well as fatty tissue. The amount of fat determines the size of the breast.

So breasts is only some tissues, so skinning will remove any tissue in human body, in case women body it may remove breasts too. There is no bones in breasts.

As you might expect, peeling the skin off of an entire human being is kind of a difficult task.

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