A while back I had a small debate with someone about whether Jim knew Claudia was addicted to drugs and needed help. My interpretation was that he did know and felt he could be her "knight" because all she needed was someone to treat her right.

My basis for this claim was when he leaves her apartment after investigating the loud music he reluctantly goes down the stairs after she lets him out. He pauses for a moment as if he hadn't reached his goal. I thought he seemed to want something else, maybe to get her number, as he didn't seem too eager to move on i.e. he paused while standing in the staircase for a few seconds. I thought he was completely aware of what she was hiding but played it otherwise.

It has been a while since I have seen the movie so I apologize if anything is unclear and that I'm not recalling the event correctly.

If there is an accurate answer, what is it?

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I don't think he knew. Jim certainly wasn't a bad guy but throughout the film his character is show to be an inept and not particularly attentive police officer. He ignores the (albeit unorthodox) testimony of the neighborhood kid in the opening scene. He loses his gun in pursuit of the jaywalker.

He can certainly tell Claudia is troubled, and he definitely sets himself up as the "white knight", but I think he would not be able to react so restrained if he knew she had a drug problem being the "proper" lawman he sees himself to be.

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