What makes the Night King different from other White Walkers in Game of Thrones?

Is that it is only the Night King who can change humans to White Walkers?

If not, who else who all can do this conversion? Are all the White Walkers able to do this?

What makes the Night King different from the other White Walkers?

What are his special abilities?

I am asking specifically about the conversion to White Walkers, not Wights.

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The night king is the original white walker. He was created by the children of the forest when they plunged a dragonglass dagger into the heart of a person (probably a stark but we don't know for sure).
So far we have only seen the night king convert humans into white walkers and I think the night king is the only one who has the power to create white walkers. A white walker brought Craster's last son all the way north to meet the night king where the night king turned him into a white walker. If regular white walkers could turn people then there would be no reason to keep the baby human for the whole journey.


He was the first white walker made by the children of the forest to protect against humans. Wights are created by any white walker.

Source: http://gameofthrones.wikia.com/wiki/Night_King

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