In the Maze Runner series, after the Maze Runner itself, comes the Maze Runner Scorch Trials.

Now, I have seen both movies more than once, and in the Scorch Trials, there is no actual trials in itself.

In the Scorch Trials what are the actual tests given to the gladers for them to complete other than draining them?

Thomas and the rest of his friends escape from there, run away and found the Right Arm.

Why is the movie title called Scorch Trials when there are no actual tests given to complete? That is what trials means: Tests. So why is it called that?

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You are correct...there are no specific tests but "trials" also has a different meaning..

a person, experience, or situation that tests a person's endurance.


So a "trial" doesn't have to be a defined test but rather an experience which, as a byproduct, happens to test a person's abilities or fortitude.

Out of Universe.

The movie is an loose adaptation of the book with that title so it would make sense to make use of the name.

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