In the opening scene of Dunkirk, while walking through the city the soldiers came across lot of pamphlets/fliers. It had a picture depicting the perimeter which Germans had formed in the sea to surround/trap the entire English/French armies. It had written on it - "We surround you".

Were such fliers/pamphlets really distributed by Germans across the city? Or it was just a way of exposition? (Nolan has done such things in his past movies. Remember the wormhole explanation from the movie Interstellar?)


Yes & No

Leaflets demanding that the British surrender were dropped from the air, but not of the design used in the film.

enter image description here

Left: The pamphlet in Dunkirk. Right: The real-life pamphlet that inspired it.

They were real, but the genuine ones weren’t in living technicolor. Quickly churned out by intelligence officers behind the lines on commandeered newspaper presses, such pamphlets encouraging a surrounded enemy to surrender were used by all sides throughout the war.


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