In Maximum Overdrive, the main antagonist of the film is a truck with the likeness of the Green Goblin face attached to the grille.

enter image description here

According to IMDb, the face is based on the Green Goblin:

The head on the main truck is based on that of Marvel Comics' Green Goblin.

The Villain Wikia page for the truck claims that Marvel actually gave permission for the likeness to be used in the film:

The film crew had permission from Marvel to use the Green Goblin's appearance for the mask.

However, I cannot seem to locate the source of this claim made on the wikia site.

Is the face on the front of the truck a Marvel approved likeness of the Green Goblin or was it just based on the Green Goblin?

Note: I am looking for credible sources either from Marvel or from filmmakers.

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They had permission from Marvel

According to this source and the credits of the movie, they did have permission from marvel to use Green Goblin's face. Check this image from the credits of the movie:


It reads in part:

Marvel Comics' "Green Goblin" (and his distinctive likeness) is a trademark of the Marvel Comics Groups and is used with Permission.


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