You see in a scene from the Maze Runner that when Thomas is on his first day as a runner (that first day happens to be the day they find a way out), Minho and Thomas had stopped in what Minho called the Blades, because they had found a piece of cloth on the ground.

What is the piece of cloth and why is it there? surely it isn't from one of the other runners?

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    I haven't seen the movie but I read the book. And yes, the piece of cloth is from one of the previous runners. I don't understand your problem with that Jul 27, 2017 at 12:34

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The cloth was of Ben , who was stung by griever one day ago. It is all red from attack of griever.


It's a piece of cloth from one of the previous runners clothing that got ripped to shreds during an encounter with a griever

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