I have very little to go on, as I saw this movie when I was very young. Here is what I remember.

  • I believe it was an American made movie; most likely a low budget straight to video. I'm thinking it was from the 80s, or maybe the early 90s.

  • I remember two or three guys backpacking for the weekend. I believe the setting was in the American southwest. It was not like a heavy forest, but more of a desert atmosphere. There was maybe a bit of Navajo/Native American motif in there.

  • I believe they encounter an alien/monster. There are really only two things I can remember about it. For most of the movie, I believe that when they showed the alien, it was from the perspective of the alien. I don't believe you saw the alien until the end. I believe it also had a cloaking/invisibility power; but I'm definitely not thinking of Predator.

  • I always remembered one of the leads to be Ed Harris, but it's not him, from looking through his filmography.

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  • I don't know why, but I immediately think of "Fishing Naked". The Alien isn't invisible, nor shown from its perspective, of memory; but it is constantly referenced, but only really seen, at the end. – Gnemlock Jul 13 '17 at 5:00

"High Desert Kill" (1989)

From IMDb:

Like every year, Jim, Ray, Brad and Paul leave the town for a week to go hunting in the woods. But this year everything is different: There's not a single animal to be found, the whole forest has fallen quiet. Two female campers they meet have mysteriously disappeared the next day, leaving their whole equipment behind. And then they start to behave weird themselves... An alien power is using them for cruel psychological experiments.


You can watch the complete movie here:

It is an obscure, low budget, made-for-TV movie, made in 1989, which was only distributed on VHS. There is an alien in the movie, it disguises itself as a human and and we see the alien's "first person" perspective many times throughout the movie (at 0:02:38, for example). The movie opens with two native American hunters encountering with the alien presence.

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