In Running Scared (2005), There is a final shootout scene at an Ice Hockey rink, but this scene looks very violet/blue.

enter image description here

Why final shootout scene shot in very dark tint?


Essentially, because that's what the director, Wayne Kramer wanted.

From an interview...

It was very expensive to light and the producers were trying to talk me out of it — which I’m glad didn’t happen. I was doing some ice hockey research on the internet and came across this Jet Ice black light paint and immediately thought that would be amazing to capture on film.

I don’t think we quite executed it the way I had in mind — due to technical difficulties and lack of time — but I envisioned more bullet impacts in the ice with the ice shattering into different colors and exploding through the air. I think we got just a hint of that; we were more successful with the fluorescent pucks and the DayGlo jerseys.

I also wanted the scene to be a significant set piece — this is where it all goes down, so to speak, and I wanted the backdrop to be memorable.


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