I just watched No Country for Old Men and my question is do we know for sure that when Moss was killed, those Mexican killers took the money, if not who did?

Also Anton's assignment was to get the money, was it given to him by the same guys who finally took the money from Moss's room and if they did then it means Anton failed his task and the unseen ringleader whoever hired him must be really angry on him?

P.S.- I just read somewhere that Anton had the money at end, but clearly the satchel is not shown when he gets out of the car after accident? He just took one dollar bill (possibly 100 dollars) out from under his shirt and that could be from his pocket?


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The scene where he has the car accident is not immediately after Lewelln was killed. It was much later. I suspect it could have been days or weeks after. Chigurh was the type of person who would not let the wife live but wasn't in a rush to kill her.

The car accident comes immediately after he leaves her house. But the money was likely recovered by him days or weeks before (once the crime scene had been closed up by the cops).

I think he got the money, not the Mexicans. The Mexicans didn't know Lewelln's trick of hiding the bag in the a/c vent and didn't have time to look for it with all the commotion they caused with the gun fight with Lewelln.

Chigurh got the money later. So after the crime scene had been closed up he went to the room, popped the lock, found the bag and was in the process of leaving when Bell shows up the second time.

I'm still a bit uncertain where he was hiding but he was clearly near-by as you saw him in the shadows. But for whatever reason he did not confront Bell.

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